How to Manage a Modern Charity Run/Walk Event

A lot has changed since the Church World Service organized the first charity walk in 1969, but the one thing that remains consistent is that this type of event continues to raise money and increase engagement. As effective as run/walks are, the modern nonprofit has the opportunity to improve the organization and execution of these […]

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5 Ways Classy Can Take Your Online Fundraising to the Next Level

With the rise of online fundraising as a top nonprofit trend, more and more nonprofits are searching for an online fundraising platform to help them succeed.   According to a recent report by Software Advice, a nonprofit technology firm, 99 percent of nonprofit professionals say that fundraising software positively affects the amount of donations they […]

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The StayClassy-Salesforce Integration v3.2: Welcome to Pacific Beach

We recently released version 3.2 of the StayClassy integration with Salesforce (nicknamed “Pacific Beach”). This latest release marks the next step in our continual effort to provide our nonprofit clients with the most robust Salesforce integration possible.   Up until this point, despite the many improvements we have made to the integration, one request has […]

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Rebuilding Our Donation Checkout Page

This line popped into my head the other day when I was thinking about writing this article and about all of the different software products I use regularly. You see, even though I’m not irretrievably lacking in technical skills, software has often appeared like so much magic to me. I point at something, click the […]

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The New Combined Registration and Fundraising Process

During our latest product launch at StayClassy we rolled out a feature that’s been heavily requested for some time now–  a combined registration and fundraising page creation process.   This has been a huge priority for many of our clients, particularly because it’s so useful for fundraising runs and walks. Now that it’s done, we […]

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The Fight Against Fraudulent Donations

The Internet is a powerful tool. And like most other powerful tools, it’s one that can be used for both good and bad ends. Just as in the real world, there are all sorts of dodgy characters you can run into online. And when it comes to the world of online fundraising, far too many […]

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New Improvements Coming to StayClassy

Some exciting new updates to your StayClassy account are on the horizon. To make sure you stay ahead of the curve, we’ve put together an overview of some of the improvements you’ll be seeing. 1. The Fundraising Tab The “Events & Campaigns” tab is becoming the “Fundraising” tab (and yes, we’ve changed more than just […]

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Five Ways to Improve Your Call to Action

by Network for Good   Your call to action – where you actually ask somebody to do something – is an essential part of your fundraising venture. Many nonprofits wrongly assume that by creating awareness people will automatically do something. That is just not the case. After all, you aren’t taking part in a propaganda […]

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Top 10 FAQs about the New StayClassy

Thanks for checking out the new and improved StayClassy! We are tremendously excited about the progress that we have made with the product and we look forward to seeing you use it to strengthen your organization’s fundraising.   While we are confident that the redesigned StayClassy is more powerful and easier to use, we are […]